6800/2 IS HERE

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From an Ad in Byte Magazine, February 1978

 6800/2 Kit  $439.00 ppd Cont. U.S.
  6800/2 Assembled  $495.00 ppd Cont. U.S.

The 6800/2 uses our new A2 processor board with socket space for 8K bytes of ROM/PROM. This makes it possible to use the 6800 in applications where ROM programs are useful without purchasing an expensive PROM accessory board. The A2 board has a DIP switch selector that allows you to replace any 8K block of memory above the RAM memory that extends to 32K with memory external to the processor board itself. This lets you develop special programs that will later be put in PROM in a normal RAM memory card where it can be modified and debugged. The A2 board has a crystal controlled baud rate oscillator and a separate clock driver oscillator whose frequency may be changed with a programming resistor. The A2 processor board gives you the maximum possible flexibility in setting up a computer system.

SWTBUG Monitor

The 6800/2 is supplied with our new SWTBUG monitor. This new monitor is software compatible with the earlier Mikbug monitor used in the 6800. All major subroutine entry points are identical. SWTBUG features a resident MF-68 Minifloppy disk boot, single level breakpoints, vectored software interrupt, generation of punch end of tape formatting and automatic interface configuring for either the MP-C control interface or MP-S serial interface.

ACIA Type Interface

The 6800/2 uses our MP-S serial interface. This RS-232 and 20 Ma. TTY compatible interface may be configured to operate serially at the following baud rates: 110, 150, 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800 and 9600. Complete interrupt control is available through the user's software.

4K Static MEMORY

The 6800/2 comes with 4K of static RAM memory on our MP-8M board. The memory may be expanded to 8K by the addition of eight more memory chips. No additional parts are needed. Full buffering of all data, address and control lines is a standard feature. Memory expansion to 32K of continuous RAM memory and up to a 48K mixture of ROM/RAM is possible with this system.


Do you have a special job? Our accessory boards make it possible to use the 6800/2 for almost any type of computer application. We have our MP-T interrupt timer with software interrupt selectable output. Our MP-N calculator interface that allows you to do arithmetic functions in hardware. Our MP-R EPROM programmer that programs and verifies EPROMs right in the machine - and more coming.

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Mikbug is a registered trademark of Motorola, Inc.