68 Micro Journal

August 1979, Volume 1 Issue 6

68 Micro Journal was published by Don Williams.
The first issue was February 1979 and the last was January / February 1990.

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68 Micro Journal Aug 1979 Inside Cover 68 Micro Journal Aug 1979 page 2 68 Micro Journal Aug 1979 page 20 68 Micro Journal Aug 1979 page 21

Article from 68 Micro Journal August / September 1984
SWTPc Prospering Pioneer

Southwest Technical Products Corp. was a major advertiser in 68 Micro Journal. Starting with the first issue they had the inside front cover and the two center pages. September 1983 was the last issue that SWTPC had the two center pages. Around this time SWTPC had a layoff.  July 1985 was the last inside front cover ad. SWTPC did two page back cover ads in December 1985 and January 1986, these were their last ads in 68 Micro Journal. SWTPC had a major layoff in 1987.

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