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 69/K  Computer Kit with 8K bytes of memory  $575
 69/A  Assembled Computer with 8K bytes of memory  $695

February 1981 prices
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March 1979 Ad (400k JPG)


Modular plug-in construction with computer grade filters and a 25 AMP rectifier bridge. Blower fan is standard equipment. All connections to the power line are beneath the safety shield.


Convenient serial or parallel I/O cards have DB-25 connectors mounted directly on the circuit board. Up to 16 interface devices may be installed on the address decoded I/O bus. Programming strips are provided for input and output baud rate selection on each port. All outputs are fully buffered.


Rugged 1/8 inch alloy aluminum base plate combined with a solid 1/8 inch alloy aluminum cover for unsurpassed protection. All interior metal is conversion coated. The cover is finished with a super tough textured epoxy.


The world's most powerful eight-bit processor, the Motorola MC6809, plus 2K byte monitor ROM that is 2716 EPROM compatible and full buffering on all output lines. Built-in multiuser capability, just add I/O cards to operate a multi-terminal system.


You can purchase the computer with either 8K bytes of RAM memory (expandable to 56K), or with the full 56K. The efficient, cool running dynamic memory used in this system is designed and manufactured for us by "Motorola Memory Systems Inc."


The wide range of peripheral hardware that is supported by the 6809 includes: dot matrix printers (both 80 and 132 column), IBM Electronic 50 typewriter, daisy wheel printers, 5-inch floppy disk system, 8-inch floppy disk systems and a 16 megabyte hard disk.


The amount of software support available for the 6809 is incredible when you consider that it was first introduced in June, 1979. In addition to the FLEX9 operating system, we have a Text Editor, Mnemonic Assembler, Debug, Sort-Merge, BASIC, Extended BASIC, MuItiUser BASIC, FORTRAN, PASCAL and PILOT.