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On May 25, 1975, Wayne Green (the publisher of 73 Magazine) and  Virginia Londner Green (his ex-wife and Business Manager of 73 Inc) met with Carl Helmers (a computer newsletter editor) to create a new computer magazine named BYTE. In June, Carl wrote to friends at another small newsletter, Micro-8 Computer User Group, describing this meeting. Wayne Green had invited him to "come up and talk a bit." Carl summarized the outcome, "I will end up with the editorial focus for the magazine with the business end being manages by Green  Publishing." Seven weeks later, on August 6, 1975, first issue of BYTE was published. Here is the copyright catalog entry from the Library of Congress for the September 1975 issue.

For some reason it was not published by 73 Inc, is was put out by Green Publishing. (73 Inc. was a favorite target of the IRS in those days.) For the first four issues Wayne Green was listed as publisher. One day in November 1975, Wayne came to work and found the BYTE staff had moved the magazine to a separate building in town. The fifth issue, January 1976, listed Virginia Green as publisher and the February 1976 issue was from BYTE Publications.

Wayne Green was not happy about losing BYTE magazine so he was going to start a new one called Kilobyte. Byte quickly trademarked KILOBYTE as a cartoon series in BYTE magazine. The new magazine was called Kilobaud.  The editor was John Craig, a former editor of Micro-8 Computer User Group newsletter. Wayne's name was never mentioned in Byte magazine for over 10 years. There was competition and animosity between Byte Publications and 73 Inc. but both remained in tiny Peterborough, New Hampshire

BYTE Magazine was the leading journal of the early home computer revolution and was published until 1998.

How BYTE Started, by Wayne Green  September 1975

Are They Real?, by Wayne Green October 1975

Carl Helmers's letter to Micro-8 newsletter about this meeting. (From Jim Kearney's newsletter collection.)

.Byte Magazine, Volume 1 Issue 4, December 1975
Build a 6800 System With This Kit
Gary Kay
Southwest Technical Products Corp.

Byte Magazine, Volume 1 Issue 5, January 1976
SWTPC CT-1024 Review

Byte Magazine, Volume 1 Issue 6, February 1976
More on the SWTPC 6800 System
Gary Kay
Southwest Technical Products Corp.

Byte Magazine, Volume 1 Issue 15, November 1976
An Enterprising Display Device
Joe Deres
Southwest Technical Products Corp.

Byte Magazine, Volume 1 Issue 16, December 1976
The Designer's Eye View of the AC-30
Gary Kay
Southwest Technical Products Corp.

Byte Magazine, Volume 2 Issue 3, March 1977
A Review of the SWTPC PR-40 Alphanumeric Printer
Gary Kay
Southwest Technical Products Corp.

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