Byte Magazine, Volume 1 Issue 5, January 1976

Byte Jan 1976 Cover

Page 3 Table of Contents
Page 5 MITS Altair 680 Ad
Page 23 Sphere Computer Ad
Page 25 Sphere Computer Ad
Page 80 Sphere Computer Review
Page 92 SWTPC CT-1024 Review
Page 94 SWTPC CT-1024 Review (continued)
Page 95 SWTPC CT-1024 Review (continued)
Inside Back Cover SWTPC 6800 Ad
These are 150 dpi JPG files, 300 dpi TIFF files are available.

The photo of the CT-1024 prototype on page 94 was taken by Wayne Green on a visit to SWTPC in August 1975.
It was also published in the February 1976 issue of 73 magazine.

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