CT-1024 Terminal System Kit (TV Typewriter II)

Photo scanned by Ron Anderson

The CT-1024 Terminal was also known as a Television Typewriter. It provided 16 lines of 32 uppercase characters on a modified television. For $275 you could get terminal for your Altair or SWTPC computer. The gold standard for small computers was the ASR-33 Teletype with a paper tape punch, but these went for $800 used.

The first ad for the CT-1024 appeared in the January 1975 issue of Radio Electronics, the same month as the MITS Altair 8800 appeared in Popular Electronics. The construction articles started in the February issue of Radio Electronics.

This brochure was written in late 1975. SWTPC generally did not put dates on the documents but this was an exception. It has the notation CT-01 Oct. 1975, however later versions of the brochure that included a newer keyboard (KB-5) also had the Oct. 1975 date. Getting the date right was not a priority.

CT-1024 Text (22K PDF)

Front Cover (84K PDF)

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CT-1024 Kit Assembly Manuals

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