Restoring a SWTPC CT-1024 Terminal #4

I acquired  this CT-1024 in August of 2003 from the original builder who built it back in 1975 or 1976. He was an amateur radio operator so he ordered the bare boards for the main board and memory board. He stuffed the boards with parts on hand.

You can see the some of the "features" of the board when I got it.

Here is the Main board after rework.

In October of 2004 I got a keyboard for this terminal. It had a few mods.

Photos of restored CT-1024 with a screen read board. (June 2005)

SWTPC CT-1024 Terminal (#4 Front) SWTPC CT-1024 Terminal (#4 Back)
SWTPC CT-1024 Terminal (#4 Right Front) SWTPC CT-1024 Terminal (#4Left Front)

Shown with optional manual cursor control switches installed.

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