CT-1024 Terminal Notes

As you may already know, the CT-1024 terminal system has been printed as a series of construction articles starting in the February 1975 issue of Radio Electronics Magazine. Since the article was submitted we have incorporated some refinements into the circuitry tailoring it to the use of the 2102 static memories supplied with your kit. Any references to the schematic, parts list or theory of operation should be made to our typewritten instructions and. not the magazine article or a reprint thereof. Although there are only a few differences between the two, it would be best to take note and save yourself some confusion.

Repair Procedure

The CT-1024 is a complex piece of electronics. To provide you with the most efficient repair service possible, we have contracted with the designer of this project to provide consultation and repair service.

Repairs will be done for a basic rate charge plus parts. The basic rate for the various portions will be as follows:

Main Board CT-1024
Memory Board
Cursor Board CT-M
Screen Read Board CT-E
Serial Interface UART CT-S
Parallel Interface CT-L
Computer Controlled Cursor CT-CA

If you must return any portion, or all of your CT-1024 Terminal System for repair; send the amount shown above in the form of a money order, or cashiers check with the portions to be serviced. When repairs are finished the boards will be returned to you COD for parts charges, if any. Do Not send personal checks for repair work.

Pack all parts to be returned carefully and insure. We will not accept delivery on any parcels that arrive in damaged condition. Make check, or money order payable to Southwest Technical Products Corporation.

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