Southwest Technical Products Corp.
Catalog Circa 1969

198/A Preamp

This catalog was released in 1969, the Texas sale tax on the order form is 3%.  That rate was in effect from October 1968 to September 1969. I have two similar but later catalogs that have to 3% sales tax rate.

Each page image is 6 1/4 by 8 7/8 inches and is saved as a 150 dot per inch JPG file. The files are about 100k to 200k bytes in size. 300 dpi tiff files are available.

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FET Stereo Preamp Letter from Dan Meyer Lil Tiger Amplifier Tiger Amplifier Super Tiger Mk II Digital Volt-Ohmmeter Frequency Counter Nixie Readout Multi-decade Nixie Readout Time Base Scaler Segmented Readout Universial Decade Counting Unit MMM Instrument Amplifier Speaker & Cabinets Short Proof Power Supply Sonolite Color Organ Psychedelia Psychedelic Strobe Light Sports Timer Ultrasonic Intrusion Alarm Thermin Alarm System Reverb Adapter and G-Whiz Parts, Capacitors and Resistors Parts, Solid State Beachcomber, Metal Detector Mailing Label

Page Product Author Magazine Date
Cover 2 FET Stereo Preamp #156 Daniel Meyer Popular Electronics May-69
2 Lil Tiger Stereo Power Amplifier #140 Daniel Meyer Popular Electronics Dec-67
3 Tiger #160 Daniel Meyer Popular Electronics Jul-69
4 Super Tiger #TAC Daniel Meyer Popular Electronics Jul-69
5 Digital Volt-Ohmmeter #155CP Don Lancaster Popular Electronics Dec-68
6 Frequency Counter #FC-1 Don Lancaster Popular Electronics Mar-69
7 Nixie Decade Counter (Nx) Leslie Solomon and Alexander W. Burawa Popular Electronics Dec-68
8 Multi-Decade Nixie Readout Don Lancaster Popular Electronics Feb-70
9 Time Base Scaler      
10 Numitron Readout Decade Counter Vincent Wood Popular Electronics Mar-70
11 Universal Decade Counting Unit #148 Don Lancaster Popular Electronics Feb-68
12 MMM Instrument Amplifier #MMM Daniel Meyer Popular Electronics Apr-68 May-68
13 Speaker & Cabinents      
14 Short-Proof Power Supply #143 James W. Cuccia Popular Electronics Feb-68
15 Sonolite Color Organ #147 Daniel Meyer Popular Electronics May-68
16 Psychedelia Don Lancaster Popular Electronics Sep-69
17 Psychedelic Strobe Light X-149C James W. Cuccia Popular Electronics Mar-68
18 Sports Timer #STK Don Lancaster Popular Electronics Oct-68
19 Ultrasonic Intrusion Alarm #UA-1 Daniel Meyer Popular Electronics Mar-70
20 Theremin #142 Louis E. Garner Jr. Popular Electronics Nov-67
21 Alarm System      
22 Reverb Adaptor #139 Daniel Meyer Popular Electronics Jan-68
22 G-Whiz George J. Whalen Popular Electronics Sep-68
Cover 3 Beachcomber #136-XC Daniel Meyer Popular Electronics Jul-67

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