Southwest Technical Products Corp.
Catalog Circa 1976

Front Cover
Each page image is 6 by 9 inches and is saved as a 150 dot per inch JPG file. The files are about 100k to 300k bytes in size. 300 dpi tiff files are available.

There was also a black and white computer only catalog (CP-01) at the same time.

198/A Preamp 198/A Preamp Tigersaurus 250 Tiger 0.01 207/B Universal Tiger B 215 Amplifier Lil Tiger Stereo Octave Equalizer Guitar and Instrument PreAmp Model 211 SCA Multiplexer Adapter Reverb Adapter FUnction Generator Universial Digital Instrument Universial Digital Instrument Psychedlic Strobe and Theremin Digi-Viewer Short Proof Power Supply Keyboard and Encoder 6800 Computer System 6800 Computer System CT-1024 Terminal CT-1024 Terminal GT-61 Graphics Terminal AC-30 Cassette Interface PR-40 Printer PR-40 and AC-30 Back Cover

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