Southwest Technical Products Corp.
Catalog Circa 1980

Front Cover

Each page image is 6 by 9 inches and is saved as a 100 dot per inch JPG file. The files are about 75k to 150k bytes in size.

Thanks to Gary Kinsman for scanning this catalog.

Cover 2198/A PreampTigersaurus 250Tiger .01 207/BUniversal Tiger B215Lil TigerStereo Octive Equalizer2AS-A Ambience SynthesizerSCA Multiplex Adapter / Guitar PreampTheremin Electronic Musical InstrumentDigi-Viewer II / Psychedelia IIIFunction GeneratorShort Proof Power Supplies6809 Computer Photo6809 Computer TextCT-82 Terminal CT-82 Terminal 6809 Software6809 SoftwareAccessory BoardsMF68 Floppy DiskDMF2 FloppyCDS-1 Hard DrivePR-40 PrinterCover3 Back CoverOrder Form

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