Data Systems 68
6845 Video Display Board

The 6845 video display board (VDS) provides your SS-50 based system with memory mapped video display. If you add a keyboard for data entry, You will have your terminal built into your computer and won't need a separate one. To simplify the installation into your system, software drivers are provided that are overlays to SBUG-E. These drivers reside totally within the 2k SBUG-E space. To complete the installation, a simple patch to FLEX will vector to your new OUTCH routine.

Data Systems 68 circa 1981

The designer of this board was JCL (Joe Lang)

Board Photo (52k JPG)

Board Photo High Resolution (245k JPG)

Assembly Instructions (22k PDF)

Board Layout (121k JPG)

Schematic page 1 (122k JPG)

Schematic page 2 (121k JPG)

Character ROM data file (3k TXT)

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