SBUG-E 6809 ROM Monitor

The 6809 SBUG monitor ROM is provided to enable the computer to communicate with a terminal for the purpose of various programming and debugging functions. It has been designed to work in a SWTPC MP-09 processor board. SBUG requires an MP-S interface installed in I/0 port 1, at least 4K of RAM memory installed at any address at or below address D000 (52K) and an MP-B or MP-B2 motherboard patched to address I/0 devices at 56K (E000 hex). While SBUG provides some functional compatibility with 6800 DISKBUG, SWTBUG, and MIKBUG monitors; in general, programs utilizing the ROM functions of the older monitors will need to be changed.

SBUG-E 6809 ROM Monitor User's Guide (44K PDF)

SBUG-E Source Code (37K TXT)

SBUG-E Listing (44K PDF)

SBUG 1.8 ROM in Motorola S1 format (5K TXT)


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