SWTPC 69A/69K Computer Power Supply and Motherboard

The MP-P2 Power Supply is the supply designed to power the mother board and its complement of plug-on boards including the MP-09 Microprocessor Board, disk controller board, memory boards and up to eight interface boards on the SWTPC Computer system. It includes the power transformer, bridge rectifier, two large filter capacitors and power interconnect board. The power interconnect board is a circuit board supporting the protection fuses, +16 volt rectifier with filter, and the mother board wiring connector. The connector greatly aids in interconnecting and servicing the unit.

MP-P2 Power Supply Assembly Instructions (57k PDF)

MP-P2 Power Supply Schematic (102k JPG)

MP-P2 Power Supply Wiring Diagram (153k JPG)

The MP-B3 Mother Board is a 9.1" x 15.1" doubled sided plated thru hole board onto which all of the various computer processor and interface boards are plugged. The mother board also provides the line buffering and address decoding for up to eight interface boards. Although one of the eight must be the MP-S2 console interface (serial), the other seven may be any combination of serial (MP-S2) and parallel (MP-L2) interfaces the user may choose to have.

MP-B3 Mother Board Assembly Instructions (12k PDF)

MP-B3 Mother Board Schematic (182k JPG)

MP-B3 Mother Board Red Blue Layout (141k JPG)

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