MP-S2 Serial Interface

The MP-S2 dual serial interface is a 5.75" wide x 4.75" high interface board implemented with the 6850 asynchronous communications interface adapter (ACIA). The board has been designed for use in the SWTPC S/09 computer and should be installed in one of the eight I/O card slots. The MP-S2 is used to interface serial type devices such as terminals, printers and modems to the computer system. The board is provided with two separate DB-25 connectors, one for each serial port. All input and output lines are RS-232C compatible - TTY current loop inputs and outputs are not provided.

Introduced by Southwest Technical Products Corporation in 1979. The assembled card cost $120.

 Board Photo (73K JPG)

Board Photo High Resolution (341K JPG)

Assembly Instructions (182K PDF)

Schematic (431K JPG) Thanks to Jeff Hellige for the schematic

Red and Blue Board Layout (205K JPG)

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