The Micro Works B-08
2708 EPROM Programmer

The Micro Works B-08 is a compact 2708 EPROM programmer that fits in a standard SWTPC 6800 I/0 slot. A safety switch and LED indicator provide control over the high programming voltage generated on the board. Your B-08, combined with the Micro Works 2708 Utility, provides full capability to program and copy 2708s efficiently and reliably.

 Introduced by The Micro Works in 1977. The assembled B-08 cost $99.

Board Photo (84k JPG)

Board Photo High Resolution (285k JPG)

Board Photo Rear (97k JPG)

Owners Manual with Program Listing (31k PDF)

Schematic (164k JPG)

Source Code (10k TXT)

Source Code for SWTBUG (10k TXT)

The MicroWorks Brochure Page 1 (175k JPG)

The MicroWorks Brochure Page 2 (120k JPG)

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