SWTPC 6800 Computer Newsletter

Southwest Technical Products Corporation
Issue 2 October 1976

SWTPC StaffLarger Photo (JPG 109K)

Personal Computing Convention, August 1976  in Atlantic City, New Jersey

Pictured above from left to, right are Bill Thames, Rep. of Microcomputer Systems; Steven Uiterwyk, Software Debugger; Robert Uiterwyk, Author of Microbasic and 4K Basic(C); Gary Kay, SWTPC Engineer; Dan Meyer President of SWTPC; and Joe Deres, SWTPC Engineer. Photo by Jim Stratigos

The original caption listed Robert Uiterwyk's other son Ted

According to Stan Veit, (and Robert Uiterwyk) all of the SWTPC crew had tee shirts with Altair's Suck. The show management would not let them wear the shirts.

SWTPC 4K BASIC Version 2.0 (C)
Animals For The SWTPC 6800
SWTPC Cassette Tape Program Library
Mod For The AC-30 Cassette Interface
Clean Page Mod For The CT-1024
Enclosure For The CT-1024
SWTPC 6800 Prototyping Boards
News From Midwest Scientific
EPROM Boards Coming For The SWTPC 6800
Faster Program Loads From Cassette
The SWTPC PR-40 Alphanumeric Line Printer
Newsletter Issue 2 October 1976 Pages 1-8 (PDF 50K)

Relative Address Calculator Program
Newsletter Issue 2 October 1976 Pages 9-10 (PDF 5K)

Binary Load And Punch for Faster Cassette Loads
Newsletter Issue 2 October 1976 Pages 11-16 (PDF 10K)

OAE OP-80 Paper Tape Reader Software
Newsletter Issue 2 October 1976 Pages 17-19 (PDF 6K)

Software Source Code (TXT 5K)

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