PERCOM SBC/9 Single Board Computer

The Percom SBC/9 is a 6809 upgrade CPU for SS-50 bus computers as well as a complete single-board computer with serial and parallel I/O channels, and on-card ROM, RAM and power regulators.

As an upgrade CPU, the SBC/9 is fully plug-in compatible with the SS-50 bus, requiring no modification of the motherboard, memory or I/O.

The SBC/9 will also accommodate, without changes, either a 6802 or 6808 microprocessor. Both the 6802 and 6808 use 6800 code, and an enormous selection of application and system software is available to choose from. A 6802 or 6808 version of the SBC/9 may be ordered from Percom, or the user may retrofit a standard 6809 SBC/9 by merely removing the 6809 IC and installing a 6802 (or 6808) in the special "quad-in-line" socket.

The SBC/9 is supplied with a 1-Kbyte ROM monitor which provides the usual monitor commands and functions, but which is far more versatile than other monitors because it is specially structured to be easily extended and customized. Moreover, I/O is easily directed to any peripheral device in a way in which the details of I/O software are left to the individual I/O device drivers.

The SBC/9 will directly address a 65-Kbyte memory space, and will address up to one Mbyte of memory using four system bus serial baud lines without disabling the on card bit rate generator. Using a memory management system, 16 Mbytes or more may be addressed through the parallel port.

Percom SBC9 Single Board ComputerLarger Image (500k JPG)

Percom SBC/9 Users Manual (1.4 MB PDF)

Percom PSYMON 6809 Monitor (1.6 MB PDF)

Thanks to James Spears for scanning these next two files.

Percom Electric Window Video Controller manual (2.6 MB)

Percom Electric Window Video Controller board (750 KB)

Percom MPX9 6809 Disk Operating System (2.0 MB)

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