SWTPC in Popular Electronics 1972-1985

Four-Channel Synthesizer James Bongiorno May-72

Build a Distortionless Preamplifier James Bongiorno Jun-72

Popular Electronics January 1972Popular Electronics, January 1972

Heads and Tails. (Electronic coin flipper)
Jim Crawford

Popular Electronics March 1972Popular Electronics, March 1972

Digital volt-ohmmeter plug-in module.
Daniel Meyer

Popular Electronics April 1972Popular Electronics, April 1972

Build a 175-MHz Prescaler.
Daniel Meyer

Popular Electronics April 1974Popular Electronics, April 1974

A low-cost, fully professional ASCII Keyboard and Encoder
Don Lancaster
With Photo of actual unit.

Popular Electronics May 1974Popular Electronics, May 1974

9-Band Stereo Equalizer
Gary Kay

Build the CMOS microlab Don Lancaster Jun-74

Build Digiviewer II Don Lancaster Sep-74

Popular Electronics January 1975Popular Electronics, January 1975

Altair 8800 Computer
Edward Roberts and William Yates

Popular Electronics Febuary 1975Popular Electronics, February 1975

Build the Cyclops, First all Solid-State TV Camera
Terry Walker, Harry Garland, Roger Melen

Popular Electronics November 1975Popular Electronics, November 1975

6800 MPU Computer Project
Edward Roberts and Paul Van Baalen

Popular Electronics July 1976Popular Electronics, July 1976

SOL, An Intelligent Computer Terminal
Robert Marsh and Lee Felsenstein

Popular Electronics October 1979Popular Electronics, October 1979

25th Anniversary Issue

Popular Electronics January 1985Computers & Electronics, January 1985

Tenth Anniversary of the Altair 8800

Popular Electronics Issues
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