SWTPC in Popular Electronics 1963-1965

Popular Electronics, March 1963, Ultrasonic SnifferPopular Electronics,  March 1963

Ultrasonic Sniffer
Daniel Meyer
Southwest Research Institute

Popular Electronics, May 1964, An Adjustable Speech FilterPopular Electronics, May 1964

An Adjustable Speech Filter
By Daniel Meyer

Popular Electronics, September 1964, Experimenting with SonarPopular Electronics, September 1964

Experimenting with Sonar
By Daniel Meyer

Popular Electronics, October 1964, Bargain Page AmplifierPopular Electronics, October 1964

Bargain Page Amplifier
By Daniel Meyer

Popular Electronics, April 1965, Build a Miniature R/CeiverPopular Electronics, April 1965

Build a Miniature R/Ceiver
By Daniel Meyer

Popular Electronics, May 1965, FM Wireless MicrophonePopular Electronics, May 1965

FM Wireless Microphone
Daniel Meyer

Popular Electronics, June 1965, R/C TransmitterPopular Electronics, June 1965

R/C Transmitter
Daniel Meyer

Popular Electronics, November 1965, Super-Sens (electronic relay)Popular Electronics, November 1965

Super-Sens (electronic relay)
Louis E. Garner Jr.

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