SWTPC in Popular Electronics 1966

Popular Electronics, February 1966, Reverb for your carPopular Electronics, February 1966

Reverb for your car
Daniel Meyer

Popular Electronics, April 1966, Ultrasonic Omni-AlarmPopular Electronics, April 1966

Ultrasonic Omni-Alarm
Daniel Meyer

Popular Electronics, June 1966, It's The JinniflashPopular Electronics, June 1966

It's The Jinniflash
Louis E. Garner Jr.

Popular Electronics, July 1966, Build the Musette Color OrganPopular Electronics, July 1966

Build the Musette Color Organ
Donald E. Lancaster

Popular Electronics, September 1966, Update to Solid StatePopular Electronics, September 1966

Update to Solid State
Louis E. Garner Jr.

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