SWTPC in Popular Electronics 1969

Popular Electronics, January 1969, Top-Rated AM TunerPopular Electronics, January 1969

Top-Rated AM Tuner
By Jim Cuccia

Popular Electronics February 1969, Third-Generation DCUPopular Electronics, February 1969

Third-Generation DCU
C. P. Troemel

Popular Electronics March 1969, Universal Frequency CounterPopular Electronics, March 1969

Build the Popular Electronics Universal Frequency Counter
Don Lancaster

Popular Electronics April 1969, Universal Frequency CounterPopular Electronics, April 1969

Build the Popular Electronics Universal Frequency Counter (Part 2)
Don Lancaster

Popular Electronics May 1969, FET PreampPopular Electronics, May 1969

Build a FET Preamp
Daniel Meyer

With photos of actual unit.
With Heathkit and EICO Ads

Popular Electronics June 1969, Wired Wireless Remote ControlPopular Electronics, June 1969

Wired Wireless Remote Control
John S. Simonton

Popular Electronics July 1969, FET PreampPopular Electronics, July 1969

Tigers That Roar
Daniel Meyer

Popular Electronics August 1969, Amateur and CB RadioPopular Electronics, August 1969

Annual Amateur and CB Radio Issue

Popular Electronics September 1969, Psychedelia 1Popular Electronics, September 1969

Psychedelia 1
Don Lancaster

Popular Electronics October 1969, Build the homesteaderPopular Electronics, October 1969

Build the homesteader
Daniel Meyer

Popular Electronics November 1969, Strange Power of Air IonsPopular Electronics, November 1969

Strange Power of Air Ions
Howard F. Burgess

Popular Electronics December 1969, Experimenter's LaserPopular Electronics, December 1969

Experimenter's Laser
C. Harry Knowles


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