Radio Craft, February 1943

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Radio-Craft was started by Hugo Gernsback in 1929 and published by Radcraft Publications Inc. This was the first issue with a Popular Electronics section. This sub-title appeared on the table of contents until 1948 when the magazine started the name change to Radio-Electronics. Ziff-Davis later bought the title from Gernsback for $500 for their new hobbyist magazine, Popular Electronics.

During World War II, raw materials for magazines and civilian radio equipment were limited. Manufacturers cut back on advertising leading to the merger of Radio & Television (formerly Short Wave Craft) into Radio-Craft. The January-February 1942 issues were combined into one issue. This also happened with the August-September 1942 issue.

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Letter from Japanese-American Radio Man - HTML version
English woman spots Nazi planes (cover story) HTML version

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