Electronics Now, January 1993

Electronics Now, January 1993
Copyright 1993 Poptronix, Inc.; used by permission.

In July 1992 Radio Electronics became Electronics Now. Both names appeared on the cover for about a year.

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Everything Changes

Larry Steckler, EHF/CET
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher
Electronics Now, July 1992

We live in a world of change. Nowhere is that more true than in the world of electronics. Although this magazine has always changed to keep pace with the changes in electronics, our name has remained unchanged for 44 years.

When Radio-Craft became Radio-Electronics in 1948, we thought it was a final choice for a new name. But earlier, in 1929, when we changed from Radio News to Radio-Craft we also believed that we had made a final change.

And so, we now do it again. The name Radio-Electronics no longer adequately describes what this magazine is all about. As we continue to change and evolve, we welcome you to the era of Electronics Now.

If you take a few moments to think about it, you can see that Electronics Now is what we have really always been. Looking back I see us having covered the very first days of radio-evolving from our start in 1908 as Modern Electrics to the Electrical Experimenter in 1912. Yes, even then we were Electronics Now. Even before the word "electronics" had been coined.

In 1919 we started covering the birth of commercial radio and told our readers how to build their own receivers-crystal radios with headphones, of course.

In 1927 we introduced the birth of television in the pages of All About Television. In 1930 Radio-Craft listed 27 experimental TV stations and in 1931, Television News came into being. In 1937 Radio-Craft showed readers how to build their own television receivers.

Then came FM radio, the consumer electronics revolution-color TV, computers, CB radio, high-fidelity, stereo, surround sound, satellite TV, The VCR, videodisc, CD, DAT, projection TV, cellular telephone, and Radio-Electronics was always there - and always will be.

Today we continue our evolution to the future. Today we become Electronics Now. But most important of all, even as we change, we continue to be what we have always been: your source of everything new and wonderful that the modern world of electronics has created for us. No matter where tomorrow takes us, Electronics Now will be there, just as Radio-Electronics, Radio-Craft, The Electrical Experimenter, and Modern Electrics have always been there-bringing you every word of every new happening.

When the first ham operator transmits from Mars, when the first solid-block electronic device is sold, when the first 3-D holographic display is ready for your video room,
Electronics Now will bring you the news.
Electronics Now will explain how it works.
Electronics Now will help you build your own.
Electronics Now will continue to be your magazine. That is my promise. That is the promise of our entire staff-the editors, artists, production, circulation, advertising and clerical people that bring this publication to life.

So join with us now and come along with us on our continuing journey into the 21st century. Adventure with us from today into tomorrow. We carry the banner of a proud new name, but we also follow the dream and tradition of the great magazines we have always been. Come along with us on our quest, our never-ending quest through the world of electronics-from yesterday, through today and on into tomorrow. Welcome Electronics Now!

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