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Radio-Electronics was published under various titles from 1929 to 2002. Hugo Gernsback started it as Radio-Craft in July of 1929 and the title was changed to Radio-Electronics in 1948. In July1992 the name was changed to Electronics Now and after 1999 it was merged with Popular Electronics to become Poptronics. Gernsback Publications when out of business in December 2002. The last issue was dated January 2003.

Radio-Electronics was aimed at electronics' professionals such as radio and TV repairmen. And they were men, the tag line on the cover was "For Men with Ideas in Electronics".

Around 1971, many authors who used to contribute to Popular Electronics started writing for Radio-Electronics. There was some competition in digital logic projects between Radio-Electronics and Popular Electronics. In September 1973, Radio-Electronics published Don Lancaster's "TV Typewriter" and in July 1974 it published Jon Titus's "Mark 8 Personal Minicomputer". However Popular Electronics published the most famous project in January 1975 with the MITS Altair 8800 computer.

In 1975 Radio-Electronics had a monthly paid circulation of 163,000 (this data was found on page 106 of the January 1976 issue.)

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List of Radio-Electronics issues in my collection.

List of SWTPC kits that appeared in Radio-Electronics

Radio-Electronics Issue by Covers
1949-1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976-1999

Radio-Electronics April 1958Radio-Electronics, April 1958|

Fiftieth anniversary of Hugo Gernsback's magazines.

Coherer to Spacistor
by T. R. Kennedy Jr.

Radio-Electronics November 1967Radio-Electronics, November 1967|

Hugo Gernsback's Obituary


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