Radio-Electronics 1949-1971

Radio Electronics, copyright 1964-1971 Poptronix, Inc.; used by permission.

Radio-Electronics, June 1949

The Radio Hat, a two tube battery operated radio.

Radio-Electronics April 1958Radio-Electronics, April 1958|

Fiftieth anniversary of Hugo Gernsback's magazines.

Coherer to Spacistor
by T. R. Kennedy Jr.

Radio-Electronics October 1962Radio-Electronics, October 1962|

Stereo Preamp Has Everything
by Daniel Meyer

Radio-Electronics November 1967Radio-Electronics, November 1967|

Hugo Gernsback's Obituary

Radio-Electronics December 1971Radio-Electronics, December 1971|

Can you beat Tic-Tac-Tronix?
by Don Lancaster

Radio-Electronics Issues
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