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Radio Electronics, copyright 1973 Poptronix, Inc.; used by permission.

Radio-Electronics, January 1973, IC-67 Metal LocatorRadio-Electronics, January 1973

Build a zero distortion stereo preamp (part 2)
Gary Kay

Radio-Electronics February 1973Radio-Electronics, February 1973

Grinchwal readout module.
By  Don Lancaster

Low cost keyboards.
By Don Lancaster

Radio-Electronics March 1973Radio-Electronics, March 1973

Build 4-channel power amplifier.
Daniel Meyer

Radio-Electronics April 1973Radio-Electronics, April 1973

Build an ASCII keyboard encoder.
By Don Lancaster

Build 4-channel power amplifier. (part 2)
Daniel Meyer

Radio-Electronics May 1973Radio-Electronics, May 1973

Letter from Daniel Meyer (Ad)

Radio-Electronics June 1973Radio-Electronics, June 1973

Phone-Sentry Takes Your Calls.
By Roger Smith

Radio-Electronics July 1973Radio-Electronics, July 1973

MITS Function Generator

Radio-Electronics August 1973Radio-Electronics, August 1973

Experiment with WWVB.
By Don Lancaster

Letter from Daniel Meyer (Ad)

Radio-Electronics September 1973Radio-Electronics, September 1973

TV typewriter.
By Don Lancaster

With photos of an actual unit.

Radio-Electronics October 1973Radio-Electronics, October 1973

Add Voice Actuation to Phone-Sentry.
By Roger Smith

Radio-Electronics November 1973Radio-Electronics, November 1973

TV Typewriter Notes and Comments

Advertisement for SWTPC Universal Digital Instrument kit

Radio-Electronics December 1973Radio-Electronics, December 1973

Tigersaurus 250-Watt Hi-Fi Amplifier.
By Daniel Meyer

Advertisement for SWTPC power supply kit

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