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Radio Electronics, copyright 1974 Poptronix, Inc.; used by permission.

Radio-Electronics, January 1974, IC-67 Metal LocatorRadio-Electronics, January 1974

HP-970A Probe Multimeter

Radio-Electronics February 1974Radio-Electronics, February 1974

Heathkit's New Digital Color TV
Larry Steckler

Radio-Electronics March 1974Radio-Electronics, March 1974

Four Channel Sound

Radio-Electronics April 1974Radio-Electronics, April 1974

LCD Clock by RCA

Radio-Electronics May 1974Radio-Electronics, May 1974

Video Beam Projection Color TV
Larry Steckler

Radio-Electronics June 1974Radio-Electronics, June 1974

Build a Guitar Preamp
Gary Kay

Radio-Electronics July 1974Radio-Electronics, July 1974

Mark-8 Minicomputer
Jon Titus

Radio-Electronics August 1974Radio-Electronics, August 1974

$35 Infrared Viewer
Forrest Mims

Radio-Electronics September 1974Radio-Electronics, September 1974

Opportunities for Service Technicians
Larry Steckler

Radio-Electronics October 1974Radio-Electronics, October 1974

SQ Decoder (4 channel stereo)
Arnold Nichols

Radio-Electronics November 1974Radio-Electronics, November 1974

Computer Terminal
Thomas Durston, MITS

Radio-Electronics December 1974Radio-Electronics, December 1974

Color TV for 1975

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