SWTPc kits featured in Radio-Electronics

Can you beat tic-tac-tronix? Don Lancaster Dec-71 32-35, 78-80
Binary counting demonstrator Frank Gross (aka Don Lancaster) Feb-72 40-42
Solid-state dual-clock generator. Don Lancaster Feb-72 55-57
Build RE's digital printing computer. Don Lancaster and Leon Schoenfeld Apr-72 50-53, 73
Build R-E's logic demonstrator. Don Lancaster May-72 51-53
Superclock: new digital timekeeper. Don Lancaster Jul-72 Cover, 54-58
Superclock: new digital timekeeper. (part 2) Don Lancaster Aug-72 60-62
Build this $40 IC function generator. Don Lancaster Sep-72 Cover 36-41
Build this $40 IC function generator. (part 2) Don Lancaster Oct-72 45, 50, 51
Build R-E's grinchwal digital test equipment. Don Lancaster Nov-72 Cover 33-66
Build a zero distortion stereo preamp Gary Kay Dec-72 Cover 39-43
Build R-E's grinchwal (part 2) Don Lancaster Dec-72 94-96
Build a zero distortion stereo preamp (part 2) Gary Kay Jan-73 62-63
Grinchwal readout module. Don Lancaster Feb-73 51-53
Low cost keyboards. Don Lancaster Feb-73 54-57, 87-88
Build 4-channel power amplifier. Daniel Meyer Mar-73 39-42
Build an ASCII keyboard encoder. Don Lancaster Apr-73 55-59
Build 4-channel power amplifier. (part 2) Daniel Meyer Apr-73 62, 63, 68
Letter from Daniel Meyer (Ad) Daniel Meyer May-72 7
Phone-Sentry Takes Your Calls Roger Smith Jun-73 Cover 35-37, 82
Experiment with WWVB. Don Lancaster Aug-73 48-51
TV typewriter. Don Lancaster Sep-73 Cover, 43-52
Experiment with WWVB. (Part 2) Don Lancaster Sep-73 98, 101
Add Voice Actuation to Phone-Sentry Roger Smith Oct-73 58-59
How active filters work. Don Lancaster Nov-73 42-44
Tigersaurus: build this 250-watt hi-fi amplifier. Daniel Meyer Dec-73 Cover, 43-47
IC's for electronic music. Don Lancaster Feb-74 49-52
Build improved ASCII encoder. Don Lancaster Feb-74 59-61
Build a guitar preamp. Gary Kay Jun-74 Cover 36-37
TV Typewriter II (part 1) Ed Colle Feb-75 27-30
UART and MODEM for TV Typewriter Roger Smith Feb-75 51-53
TV Typewriter II (part 2) Ed Colle Mar-75 56-58
TV Typewriter II (part 3) Ed Colle Apr-75 61-63, 87, 90
Screen-Read Board Ed Colle Sep-75 56, 57, 76, 77
Manual Cursor Board Ed Colle Nov-75 50, 51
Build Digicolororgan Daniel Meyer Oct-76 61, 66-68, 110
Baudot to ASCII Roger L Smith Apr-76 57-59
Serial Interface For TVT II Ed Colle Apr-76 60-62, 80, 81

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