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Radio Amateur News, June 1920 June 1920

Hugo Gernsback started Radio Amateur News in July 1919. The title became just Radio News in July 1920. The covers had "Edited by Hugo Gernsback" until May 1929.

Radio News April 1929 Radio News April 1929, contentsApril 1929
The last issue under the control of Hugo Gernsback.

"Radio News Publisher In Hands Of Receiver", New York Times, February 21, 1929, p. 36. "An involuntary petition in bankruptcy was filed yesterday in the United States District Court against the Experimenter Publishing Company..."
Radio News May 1929 Radio News May 1929, contentsMay 1929
The May issue was under the control of the bankruptcy receiver, the Irving Trust Company.

"Bid For Magazines In Receivership", New York Times, 1929-03-29, p. 13. "While the proceedings are in progress, the receivers will carry on the business of publication, and have installed Mr. MacKinnon as circulation manager and Arthur Lynch, former editor of Radio Broadcasting, as managing editor."
Radio News December 1930 December 1929
The new publishers, B. A. Mackinnon and H. K. Fly continued on with Experimenter Publications, Inc until September 1930.
November 1930
From October 1930 to August 1931 the publisher was Radio-Science Publications.
(The begin date may have been September 1930.)

“Corporate Changes”, The New York Times, (June 21, 1930), p. 30. "Experiments [sic] Publications to Radio Science Publications"
February 1938
Radio News was published by Teck Publications from September 1931 to February 1938 .

Radio-Science Publications ceased operations with the August 1931 issues. Bernarr Macfadden's newly formed Teck Publishing Corporation took over with the September 1931 issue.

“New Incorporations”, New York Times, July 15, 1931, p. 39. "Teck Publishing Corp. - J Schultz. 522 5th Av. $10,000" Joseph Schultz was the attorney for Macfadden Publications, Inc.

The March 1938 issue was done under the previous editor Laurence Cockaday. The only change was the publisher, Ziff-Davis Publishing. The page numbers were annual, this issue was page 513 to 576.

"Advertising News and Notes", New York Times, January 18 1938, p. 28. "Ziff-Davis Publishing Company, New York and Chicago, has purchased Radio News Magazine and Amazing Stories."

Radio News April 1938
The new format started in April 1938. Lucille Ball is on the cover. See page 40.

Former editor Laurence Cockaday retired, B. G. Davis is the new Editor. William Ziff is the Publisher.

The May issue had a dozen pages of general interest stories about  radio personalities. A article titled "Mr. & Mrs. of Radio" was a 4 page photo essay about Ozzy and Harriet Nelson, George Burns and Gracie Allen, and other radio stars.

June 1938. The issues would be on the newsstand early in the previous month. The July 1938 issue when on sale June 10.

"Advertising News and Notes", New York Times, June 14 1938, pp. 28. "Ziff-Davis Publishing Company, publisher of Radio News, has bought All Wave Radio and will combine the two publications with the August issue."
  The magazine title was changed to Radio & Television News in July 1948.

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