SS-30 SASI Interface 5MB Hard Drive


In 1982 I had the opportunity to design a hard disk interface for use with  SWTPC 6800 and 6809 Computer Systems. The drives were to be the new 5 1/4 inch Seagate Technology ST506 style (MFM) and the computer interface was to use the Shugart Associates System Interface (SASI). SASI became the SCSI standard that is still used today.








Test Interface and Drive 6800 6809
Format Drive 6800 6809
FLEX Drivers 6800 6809
Install Drive into FLEX 6800 6809
Park Head 6800  

(I have not tested these files.)


SASI Interface Schematic (PDF 700KB )


XIBEX S1410 Winchester Disk Controller

ELEKTRA SS-50 SCSI Interface (Larger image)

XEBEC Disk Controller (Larger image)

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