Smoke Signal Broadcasting
M-16A Memory Board

The M-16A is a single power supply fully STATIC 16K memory system. It is fully buffered and requires only half the power of a similar size system using low power 2102's. With the M-16A, you can expand your system to 48 K, add one of our EPROM boards, our BFD-68 disk controller board and still have room to spare. The M-16A is switch selectable to any 4 K starting address and hardware write protect is included. Price $529.

Introduced by Smoke Signal Broadcasting in 1977. The assembled M-16A cost $529 at introduction and was $379 in April 1978

M-16A Memory Board

Board Photo (55K JPG)

Board Photo High Resolution (438K JPG)

M-16A Instructions (637K PDF)

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