Seals Electronics 68KSC 8K Memory

Seals 8k Memory Board


· All lines fully buffered.
· 8192 words of Static Memory.
· Access Time: 500 nsec. (250 nsec on request).
· Memory Chip:91L02 APC or 2102AL-4.
· Battery Standby.
· Address Selected 8 ea. SPST Dip Switch.
· Low Power.


· Only quality parts used to give you premium quality products.
· Memory chips meet military specs.
· Heavy G-10 epoxy glass PC board material with 2 oz. Copper clad.
· Component legends silk screened on component side of board.
· Heavy gold plated edge contacts.
· No jumpers on PC boards.
· All options on PC boards are dip switch selectable.
· Solder mask on both sides of PC board.
· IC sockets with every IC.
· Complete guarantee on any seals manufactured component.
· DMA speeds to 2 MHz.
· Assembly and operating manual available.

Board Photo (66k JPG)

Board Photo High Resolution (376k JPG)

Assembly Manual (261k PDF)

Schematic (235k JPG)

SilkScreen (246 JPG)

Above 32K Mod (62k PDF)

Seals Ad (160k JPG)

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