SWTPC 6800 Computer System

The photo above is the original 6800 system, note the silver aluminum trim. The 6800/2 system introduced in February 1978 had black anodized aluminum trim. The back panel did not have any cutouts for DB-25 connectors, the 6800/2 had four DB-25 cutouts.

This is the first brochure for the SWTPC 6800 computer system, it was written in about October 1975. The back cover had an ad for the CT-1024 Terminal

The open unit photo on the front cover is that of a pre-production unit, the power supply board was moved back a few inches for production units. The board location in this photo would interfere with the power and reset switches. The power supply board shown also has an unused Molex connector. This photo was used in ads, brochures and in a December 1975 Byte magazine article.

Text (26K PDF)

Front Cover (58K PDF)

Back Cover (326K JPG)

The color scan of the 6800 system was done by Ron Anderson

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