SWTBUG is the name of the monitor program used in the SWTPC 6800 Computer System. It might be thought of as kind of a mini-operating system since it gives the operator command control over the computer system.

Features of the SWTBUG ROM include:

Introduced by Southwest Technical Products Corporation in 1977.


 SWTBUG Users Guide (19 pages PDF 110K)

SWTBUG Source Listings (14 pages PDF 20K)

SWTBUG Source (TXT 11K)

Memory Diagnostics (8 pages PDF 33K)

CDAT2 Source (TXT 2K)

ROBIT2 Source( TXT 2K)

MEMCON3 Source (TXT 2K)

SUMTEST2 Source (TXT 2K)

CDAT2 Load File (TXT 1K)

ROBIT2 Load File (TXT 1K)

MEMCON3 Load File (TXT 1K)

SUMTEST2 Load File (TXT 1K)

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